Davis Mitchell is a singer-songwriter, performer, worship leader and recording artist from Knoxville, Tn. He’s been a band leader for many of the reigons most popular bands over the last 20 years including Bonnaroo vets Dishwater Blonde and a psychedelifunk outfit called Mister Skinny in the late 90’s . Over the years he’s shared the stage with artists such as The Derek Trucks Band, Victor Wooten, Arrested Development, Morris Day and The Time among many others! Elvis and the Beatles were his first musical infatuations and later on it was artists like Prince, James Brown, George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic, Lenny Kravitz and just about anything that is funky! He began playing guitar at age 22 while attending The University of Tennessee.  He is currently working on his new studio album to be released in Fall 2022, his first album in almost a decade!  He recently released a new single called Brand New State of Mind, check it out here!.  Check out the Tour/Dates page here to find out where you can see one of Davis Mitchell’s dynamic performances that range from solo-acoustic soul to full band funk!


  1. Soul music that soothes the soul! Davis is authentic and passionate in his writing and performing. Add this gut to your playlist. Now. Really….now!!!

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